Heroes in the Dark

A Novel by Jack G. M. FitzGerald

From video games and movies to pornography and social media, the masculinity of a generation has been lost to a false reality. One man wins it back.

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Heroes in the Dark

Captivating Read

- Jason Finke

Steven is today's everyman.

- Brian FitzGerald

I enthusiastically recommend this novel

- James Knowles

I enjoyed this book very much.

- Jevan Haarer

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Video Games

Do you go to battle in virtual worlds to earn level-ups and forum-fame?
Movies and Television

Do you relax in front of a screen most days each week?

Do you ever wander to the shadowy places of the Internet?
Social Media

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Steven Frederickson lives with his parents in the District. In his basement bedroom, he is the perpetual hero. Every night, he leads a clan of wizards into epic battles, he slaughters scores of Nazis, and he lives out a few sexual fantasies. The hope and thrills of the college experience have faded away—he never received the dream job he felt promised. Instead, he burns through his weekdays working at an IT help desk. And like most of his peers, Steven painstakingly maintains the most impressive social media image that he can manage, hoping that he will entice the opposite sex.

One day, the spark of an idea is placed in Steven’s mind: Change. He plays poker in southeast DC with Thomas Pensare, an arrogant scientist he had met in college. Thomas challenges Steven to think deeply about life’s true meaning. These fresh ideas invigorate him for a time, but he’s drawn back down to the rigged victories of screen and controller. He meets a beautiful, young woman named Anne. She’s a psychology student at George Washington University, and Steven feels completely intoxicated in her presence. Yet, the gratification of pornography is equally alluring, tugging him back to the realm of the virtual. While he fights these battles in the foreground, the flame for change is fanned in the background, driving him toward an inescapable metamorphosis.

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The Testimonials

FitzGerald cuts through the life of the modern American man, revealing a complex and fascinating cross section. Most young men will quickly recognize Steven’s thoughts and feelings, but few will ever walk down the path that Steven ultimately chooses.

Lidia Coffelt
Jevan Haarer, Esq.

I enjoyed this book very much. This book presents a story that is very common among the young men of America. Namely, addictions with video games, violence, and pornography. While the book is not necessarily a happy book, it inspires the reader to pursue a life of meaning and to overcome destructive addictions. I appreciate the efforts of the author to present the challenges for the youth of America in an interesting story that is quite easy to follow. The book is not long and I believe is a must for young men.

Jacob Swogger

This work captures many of the languishing struggles faced specifically by adolescent men raised in suburban, middle class America such as a physically present but otherwise absent father, video game addiction, violence in media, pornography and the objectification of women, slothfulness, and unhealthy diet (and many other topics). It offers a refreshing alternative to the mind numbing world that seems to plentifully consume young men in our current culture.

This book is not an evangelistic work in a traditional sense, but a Christian worldview is the ultimate frame through which Steven (the main character) views and interacts with the world. The transformation that occurs in Steven's life is clearly shown to be the work of God, and the author wishes to draw the reader into considering the Christian faith in a serious way which calls the reader to evaluate the merits of activities that typify our cultural notions of adolescent masculinity. If the offer of Christianity is rejected, the reader is still forced to consider the ramifications of a generation led astray by a fruitless and selfish lifestyle which is so commonplace among young men and much of the Millennial generation.

Lidia Coffelt
Lidia Coffelt
Jason Finke

Heroes in the Dark is a captivating read. The author makes it easy to put yourself into the main character's shoes as he encounters various struggles common in this day and age. I frequently found myself rooting for him to succeed and at the same time commiserating with him in his failures. Wrapped within the entertainment of this fictional story, the author encourages the reader to contemplate a worldview counter to popular culture.

Charles Heck

The story of Stephen’s life is a tale I pray that God brings to many young men I know. It is a book that calls for men to leave behind what the world has convinced them is masculine toughness (e.g., killing bad guys in video games, engaging in pornography online, etc.) and to embrace a deeper, more real and moral lifestyle that is worthy of emulation and calls for further inspiration. I recommend this book to all young men who are struggling with still being boys. I recommend this book to all older men who have young men headed down the wrong path. I recommend this book to all women looking for a young man to marry to help educate them on the signs of concerning behavior to look for.

Lidia Coffelt

About The Author

Jack G. M. FitzGerald grew up in Wichita, KS with his mother, father, and older sister. He spent much of his childhood out of doors, earning the Eagle Scout award in early high school. He graduated from East High School’s International Baccalaureate program.

Having been accepted into the United States Air Force Academy, Jack spent the next four years among the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs. At the Academy he enjoyed flying and teaching others to fly through the sailplane program. With the most instructional sorties of any cadet in his class, he was chosen as the top soaring instructor pilot of a semester. As well as science, Jack studied the humanities as a student of the Academy Scholars Program. For his capstone project, he helped build a scientific instrument that was flown on the International Space Station. Jack graduated in the top 15% of his Academy class, majoring in physics.

Following his time in Colorado, Jack accepted an offer to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology, graduating with a Master of Science degree in nuclear physics. Jack was presented the Dean’s Award and Commandant’s Award for the best thesis at the department and school levels, respectively. He published a paper in the journal IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, and filed a patent for that work.

Jack is currently stationed at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), where he serves as a physicist and project manager for Technical Reachback, a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) and WMD analysis center. He and his wife live in Arlington, VA.

Jack FitzGerald
Jack G. M. FitzGerald Soli Deo Gloria

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"I see it everywhere, now. My eyes have been opened. Look there! You see that silent lightning on the horizon? Did you hear that old woman singing to herself over that delicious-smelling soup a moment ago? The more we learn, the more it becomes obvious. I remember that moment when I first derived the speed of light from Maxwell's Equations. I felt the harmony of the universe, then. Look at the shimmering nebulae that only a telescope can see, or the the amoeba beneath the microscope. Yes, it's everywhere, from large to small. Even in the midst of the ultimate tempest, I would still enjoy this wondrous life God has gifted me. I'm anchored on the unquenchable hope of eternal beauty."

Steven Frederickson
Heroes in the Dark